NALBI came from “飛,” meaning “to soar.” The name conveys our will and philosophy to fly high with technology in the ever-changing world. The previous 7 years of NALBI company were the foundation for leading the next 100 years. NALBI will continue to grow and create a sustainable corporate culture.


날비컴퍼니의 날비는 ‘날아오른다’라는 뜻의
날 비자 ‘飛’ 에서 가져온 이름입니다.
빠르게 변화하는 세상에서 기술을 통해
함께 날아오르겠다는 우리의 경영철학을 의미합니다. 

날비컴퍼니의 지난 7년은 앞으로의
100년을 이끌어 갈 원동력이었으며,

이를 통해 지속 성장 가능한 기업 문화를 만들어 갈 것입니다.

NALBI was founded to realize a future where individuals could freely express themselves.

NALBI consists of experienced AI professionals to secure global competitiveness in the field. After the foundation, NALBI invested opportunity costs in Face Reenactment and 3D Motion Capture based on the Deep Learning model. We are working with leading domestic workforces to customize and optimize Deep Learning based Computer Vision technology.

Our effort resulted in meaningful progress: we successfully developed Face reenactment and 3D Motion Capture technology for real-time Virtual Human content production on mobile devices.

NALBI’s differentiated technology comes from “High Performance” and “Ultra-Lightweight.”

We have technological strengths in optimizing Deep-Learning Computer Vision solutions for Embedded systems with weaker computation– smartphones and cameras, and in running the algorithm for real-time object recognition with higher accuracy.

We are now actively taking our technological advantages to develop a service that easily allows anyone to create new visual identities at an affordable cost. We research and commercialize Deep Learning Computer Vision technology centered on our top-notch NALBI AI researchers.

Youngsu Lee


The story of NALBI
since the beginning

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Researched barcode solution

Web3 Was Founded - Web3 X Webflow Template

Participated in CES 2020 (Co-promotion with STMicroelectronics)

Participated in TINYML Summit (Silver Sponsor)

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Participated in CES 2019

Participated in World IT Show (With Qualcomm)

Participated in STM Summit 2019 (with STM)

Participated in Industrial Summit

Take parts at Korea Data Agency on AI tracking system

Bokeh Solution Licencing

Embedded Vision Summit 2019

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Participated in CES Eureka park

Participated in Embedded Vision Summit 2018

Participated in Global Mobile Vision

Participated in Arm techcon

Mobile Deep-learning Computer Vision Licencing (SNOW/B612/Soda application)

Named at Samsung CLAB (Creative Square)

Partnership with Qualcom® Snapdragon™ Tech Summit 2018

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Paper accepted by NIPS

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Awarded at Seoul National University Excellerating Program (Be-The-Rocket)

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Found Nalbi Company

Awarded at Seoul National University Start-Up Program