Virtual Human Creation Service with Internalized Unequaled Technology

NALBI has researched an unparalleled AI model in the face reenactment and 3D motion capture field to build a product to create a lifelike virtual human.

With NALBI’s independent technology, we can implement real-time full-body tracking available on the actual mobile environment. NALBI’s ultra-lightweight Virtual Human Creation service is the only one in the domestic market.

With our technological strengths, we are developing services to create a new visual identity at affordable costs.

Verified State-of-the-art technology

Nalbi has been recognized for its Deep Learning-based Computer Vision Solutions, and we partnered with global semiconductor corporations, including Qualcomm and STMicro.

We license solutions for mobile services, including SNOW, B612, and basic camera applications for smartphone manufacturers.

More Convenient and Stronger on a Mobile Environment

Today’s technology makes it impossible to create virtual humans easily, quickly, and cheaply. But NALBI made it possible.

NALBI’s technology can implement Face Reenactment and 3D motion Capture on mobile devices in real-time to create virtual humans. It can understand and process all forms of movement, such as the user’s facial expressions and body tracking.

We provide a content production service with real-time video composition.

The financial advantages of the virtual human creation service

NALBI utilizes a deep learning-based 3D return parameter to help people produce inexpensive virtual human content without using costly professional equipment or software programs.

We root for the innovative world where everyone can freely become the desired self.